There are times I can’t sleep unless Affirmations are flowing through my head.   The gratitude within the contents give me peace.   It seems like each day is filled with enough prayers, and hope, that everyone near and dear to me can miss a year and still have covering, especially Sunshine. My heart hasContinue reading “Affirm-itudes”

Nodus Tollens

Nodus Tollens. “The realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.”  Sense is nowhere in the vicinity of what my life has been…is presently witnessing. Questions can be asked who? For what? And how will that someone mend that which is broken, and gushing the things we all retreat,Continue reading “Nodus Tollens”

Tired With No Time To Sit

This hustle and bustle isn’t proving as fruitful as I hoped it would be Investing more time into what feels like there is simply not enough hours in my day Exhaustion always has room for me on its schedule. But, I wash its coarseness down the best I can with gallons of positive juice and reasons why.Continue reading “Tired With No Time To Sit”

Just a second

Thank you and praises up for sending that message to me. You allowed her open spirit to receive the message, and fearlessly relay it to me. Your words are to stay focused and I will prosper. These seeds are planted within my mind, heart, and soul. Lead me on the journey that you will haveContinue reading “Just a second”


At this present moment, my thoughts have to be stilled as much as possible. Uncontrolled, they will wrap around emotions and anchor me to a place of questioning. This is a dark, frustrating place. It doesn’t feel productive, which can pave the way to pain. Pain is a path well worn. My footprints show inContinue reading “Work…in….Progress….”