What the Frak?

What the Frak? Listen, This Week…This Week….I don’t smoke but someone has lit a cigarette for me, and assumed a prone position in the middle of traffic…waiting for change. Anyway, Praises Up that things have improved from painful to peculiar. I’ll take that 🙂 The fun included riding in a vehicle that turned off (radio bailed shipContinue reading “What the Frak?”

..and then there was…

  …that moment when you start to write a quote… ….and it transforms into an affirmation… “Writing is my job” and it supplies all my needs, and desires for my family, and self. My schedule is flexible, and blesses me with the time and freedom desired for the people, and moments that I CARE  so deeplyContinue reading “..and then there was…”

Games of birthing posts

Have you ever wrote a post that felt so gooooodddd to release the bickering thoughts, the rollercoaster of emotions, and just to feel like you shared what was on your mind, even if no one could solve the problem? And then, time passes. And then you think,Well dang, London, what bridges have I burned down?Continue reading “Games of birthing posts”

Wait a Minute, Who Are You?

So the last few hours of my life were spent indulging in the positive. This post is inspired by OWN’s Who Am I series. Check it out on youtube if you’ve never seen it. On to business, or the good stuff rather, When someone asks who you are, what traits enter your mind, and why?Continue reading “Wait a Minute, Who Are You?”


It is said that writing something is better than writing nothing at all…in order to keep things flowing. Well, there is nothing particular that strikes me to write about. Shortly, my day will be coming to a close…regarding the income producing portion. The parent portion will just be getting started for a few more hours…thenContinue reading “Meh….”

A What If Moment…..

What if….. …if he, or she, wasn’t afraid to say “I Love You. Let’s see where this journey takes us”… …if you prayed, and upon saying Amen, you receive Message Received written across your palms… …if bullies immediately endured the thing that they heckled others about … …if you disappeared for two weeks. Would anyoneContinue reading “A What If Moment…..”