Floating into the Eve

“Just another day around the way Feelin’ good today, Feelin’ lovely yay” Grand rising and groggy focus Nothing proceeds coffee This day… not just any day A day graced with rays Rays of revelation and confirmation Weavings of unspoken blessings Reading between the lines while riding the waves Tingling fingers gracing the boards Heart andContinue reading “Floating into the Eve”

Day 17 – Trusting God

Lord, I trust you with the desires of my heart. I trust you with the balance between my head and my heart. I trust you to restore and replenish in my life, as I’ve been obedient and operating in love. I stand on your promises and your will. I stand in relationship with you, Lord.Continue reading “Day 17 – Trusting God”

Gratitude 04.01.16

  “Cultivate the habit of being grateful.” 1.Understanding.  Even when he can be my frustration..an unclassified frustration of wanting to touch, hug, or hear the voice of what is miles away…I am grateful that even though what may come is unforeseeable, right now, he is open to understanding my flaws. I express my gratitude forContinue reading “Gratitude 04.01.16”

Another Round

I strangled you so quickly that it took me a moment to realize that I even moved to clench you between my fingertips. Doubt. No vacancy, so I had to take you out before you got me first. This. Is. Life. Or. Death. I choose LIFE. My womb breeds optimism, opportunities, and anything other than negativity consuming theContinue reading “Another Round”

Energy rising 

Close your eyes. Take a moment to visualize the priceless moments that give you joy, like the ones you love. Let that feeling cascade from your head to your toes. Allow it to warm you. Allow it to consume you. Allow it to lift the heaviness you’ve felt far to long. Let it flow like freshContinue reading “Energy rising “

Dark Shadows

Out the corners of my eye, I see you standing there, As well as sense your presence. Turning my head to look, There was nothing. Again, Movement from another dark space. Never connecting with a clear view, But always feeling you… Near. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Whose energy, or spirit am I entertaining? LongingContinue reading “Dark Shadows”


Snuck up on me but I really love this man. No response is necessary. Never felt this way before. Unconditional love isn’t dependent on hearing it back. Beautiful feeling, and he’s a beautiful life. Created wonderfully with the best ingredients from above. His energy runs through my veins… Can you imagine what would happen ifContinue reading “Pure”