Is it time for a new season??

There are times when you can’t help but to wonder… that maybe this space and that place has become so uncomfortable and painful that a force greater than self is saying, “It’s time to move. I have better for you.” Many times the painful lesson of having to release what’s being held so tightly toContinue reading “Is it time for a new season??”

Painful Truths Snippet

Truth. Pain. Pain. Truth. I.  You’re Gone! She read the obituary and spoke your name. Shock. 25 yrs old. Too soon. No Story Ever Told. 3 weeks No Sleep. I couldn’t shake your lifeless image. No further on that. II. I’m death’s messenger. Strong Resume. Presently grateful to not be summed for service. Deliver ofContinue reading “Painful Truths Snippet”


O no Not you tooThought I plucked all the weedsAnd exposed the flower within you But you suffer from that same old fluConsumed with the thoughts of only you I drew you a mapIn the hopes that you would seeThat the actions you takeAre leading away from me Silence was your answer It ate awayContinue reading “Farewell”