Fuel for the Journey

Keep your head up. Often, it may seem like your goal/reward is a long way out of reach or may never occur. Keep pushing. Sometimes the journey can feel like it’s a series of battles and obstacles, often fought alone, while trying to remain a positive, loving, and helpful person. Keep pushing. Your hard workContinue reading “Fuel for the Journey”

Questions: Motivation & Encouragement

Is there a difference between encouragement and motivation? And what if you encourage someone daily, yet nothing you do motivates him/her? Or how much do you mean to someone who you can’t motivate nor encourage? When should you stop even caring about how your motivation and encouragement affects the other person when your intention isContinue reading “Questions: Motivation & Encouragement”

Please fight for… You

They should fight for you, and I’m not talking about the physical. They should fight to be the best version of themselves they can be while you fight for the same. Together you should fight to uplift, motivate, communicate, and build with one another. When it becomes a moment in which it is only fightingContinue reading “Please fight for… You”