Triggered Thoughts

The Memories that a picture can bring …. These are my thoughts     Bear it all, and get stepped on. But it doesn’t take away from your beauty, even in the situation. Remember even the bear has gained freedom.  Sitting in the laundry mat after moving to the big city. Out of Place. Alone.Continue reading “Triggered Thoughts”

Haiku: Smother the Flames

How does one end pain A pain fueled by hope and love  While still being Self   A heart won’t live mute Two hearts. Two minds. Two roads that  lead farther away    Loving. One way street. Never will be enough because “US” isn’t the goal   Clear thought brings healing Love is still presentContinue reading “Haiku: Smother the Flames”

Turn It Down

Sometimes I have no focus for a post But I post because I felt like…Posting something Like right now Only this time, the current thought in my mind is Focus on Yourself This doesn’t mean I have to neglect others But it does mean Instead of being so aggressive and vulnerable I need to dial itContinue reading “Turn It Down”