Observing and willing and wanting, yet sporadically invited. Choices. No regrets nor shame. I’m watching you drown. Strangled by childhood absences and fatherly goals, Thirsting for healing to your soul. Optimism once lived where you now house brothel focused goals in the shadows of unasked questions. Truth is better unrevealed Because accountability has no roomContinue reading “Choices”

A.M Thoughts

Sometimes having strong loving feelings for others sucks. It can have you questioning their loyalty. It can also have you ready to battle the world to keep them protected from any harm, pain, or anything less than the best. It’s tough sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if it ever gets easier. Maybe not… Maybe it will…Continue reading “A.M Thoughts”


She drives the highway to clear her mind and ease her heart. ..When sometimes all she wanted to do was hear his voice. But that wasn’t an option. He’s starting to make her feel like HER past did. Expendable. She promised herself she would never allow another person to project their pain on her.. PainContinue reading “Worthy “

Looking Back

lightning flashed giving disco style glimpses as the silhouette of a heart she loved increased the distance with each nonchalant stride standing motionless observing her heart bleed knowingly being dragged behind him soon he will focus realization will give way to pain he will raise the empty chain and look back over his journey crimson streaks reveal theContinue reading “Looking Back”

Godd@mn You, Defeated Thinking Grrrrrr

Feeling Defeated and Second guessing your Significance is an (insert colorful word of choice.) Inhale. Exhale. This Can Not and Will Not Win! *applies black paint underneath eyes* Let me be my Own Cheerleader for a moment. Girl, Stop moping and Get Off that bench of Frustration Fueled Thinking. YOU can turn this Situation around.Continue reading “Godd@mn You, Defeated Thinking Grrrrrr”