Spirit Lead Me

The same recurrent thought keeps venturing into my heart and mind. Not sure if patience is the answer or if this is a nudge to step out on faith. The tiredness of trying to juggle the different areas has crept in and set in. It’s morphing into frustration, more lack of sleep, and low tolerance.Continue reading “Spirit Lead Me”

4:40 am

The unexplained heaviness has eased its burdens. Movement but not chaotic. Something is nearing, not sure what. The slow ticking of the nearby clock makes music with the soft buzz of the refrigerator. Each sip brings more focus and warmth. Today. Mindful. Prayerful. Intentioned. Tomorrow won’t be like today, even in the same spaces. HigherContinue reading “4:40 am”

Desolate Lands

I wish I knew where to begin. Some place other than this resort of pain…a recycling, re-ripping off of a scab type pain on the delicate tenderness of the heart and mind. It’s the early a.m. of another day. Broken appears to be the theme, even more so these past few weeks. Can another dayContinue reading “Desolate Lands”

Love and Rain Callout

 I was called out in a challenge on another medium…so I felt like posting it on here too…Social Courage 🙂 Love and Rain…What’s your position? Will you drown because you weren’t ready to receive? Shall the rain quench your thirst and refresh your spirit..like love?  Or will it just get you..Wet! Positioning is everything.  BringContinue reading “Love and Rain Callout”