Remnants of Joy

  There are no more letters to write. Refusing to write for a receiver with inauthentic eyes, the well ran dry. Not interested in seeking to understand, as exhaustion rears its ugly head. A love once alive now fizzled…too calloused to bleed. Formerly a desire to be a hope in a future creed. Abandoned dreamsContinue reading “Remnants of Joy”

Book Review: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life by Jack Cantwell

  Book: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life  Author: Jack Cantwell Rating: 4/5   Curious about a summary of the book……Press Me   A few quotes….just a little bit though:  “A time that was is still a time that is” “Honest reply does not quell anger” “Compassion has nothing toContinue reading “Book Review: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life by Jack Cantwell”

I am calling you love

The urge…to talk to him but…I am unable The write because I am unable to talk..but I do not write..nor speak The urge…to write but I do not like the penmanship…so I sit here and type But I won’t type much because I really want to walk…but my legs are tired Walking and prayingContinue reading “I am calling you love”

….3: 35 am thoughts …

Curious as to what the future will present It would be lovely if I could give you the same peace that you bestow upon me..effortlessly Not sure why we connected at this point Both broken in areas that need mending Traveling similar, yet personal roads and pursuing the best Understanding love and the sacredness thatContinue reading “….3: 35 am thoughts …”

What Time Is It? Quote Time… Again…. :)

Here are a few quotes that I heard, read, or somehow let flitter into my conscious this week.  “My own definition of feminist is: a feminist is a man or woman who says ‘Yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today, and we must fix it. We must do better.”  ~Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie~Continue reading “What Time Is It? Quote Time… Again…. :)”

No rules writing …take that. Rebel

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted to write but Flatline ___^__^_____ almost got a pulse but ..nothing The urge is there but the focus or the topic just won’t come and remain grounded while the thought progresses into something coherent something beautiful something worth sharing So the cloud of frustrationContinue reading “No rules writing …take that. Rebel”