Just a sec

I really didn’t have anything to say.. Nothing particular to write about. Just felt like writing. . To relieve. .tension.  I guess it’s tension… or fatigue. .. or frustration. Who knows? All I Know right now is that it just feels good to write. And allow my writing. .. my untitled frustrations or whatever theyContinue reading “Just a sec”


Thoughts of you makes my spirit move… Thoughts of not having you..move opposite You are so Beautiful… And I know someone would move to second that I see Scenery of us as a movie… Did you see the Move in just that word… Take the “I” out ..and let’s keep Moving As I Uhaul theseContinue reading “UNNAMED”


A glance…He is aware…Pretends not to care Our future would be bright if we could see the light But my past got in the line of sight A past killing a future making the present awkward Clear foggy views of hopeless expectations The yin to my yang Pursuing would be in vain Loving me stuntsContinue reading “PRESENT PASSING”

My Random Randoms

The toothless tiger bit me like the dust from whence I came… Rode in on a ship with a title but no name… Names hold no status to the ignorant! Although they are ignorant by choice, they did not choose to be in the dark of a mag light world. Globe living…On the inside…looking out.Continue reading “My Random Randoms”