Liebster Award

An award? For me? Oh my, Thank You. Thank You. *bats lashes* Thank you, Simon. This is very gracious of you. Great blog that you have by the way. Jump in your rocketship, and take a trip with me to Planet Simon.  Blast off!!   So, the Liebster Award is dedicated to new bloggers. SoContinue reading “Liebster Award”

Let’s celebrate, shall we

This is very important.  Okay, my response to this award is tardy, extremely tardy. My apologies expressed to Studiotj for nominating me, and thinking so highly of me. I express my gratitude.  Even though you are not a sister :), you still spread the love, warmth, and connection by sharing with others. Thank you.   Let’sContinue reading “Let’s celebrate, shall we”

Wait a Minute, Who Are You?

So the last few hours of my life were spent indulging in the positive. This post is inspired by OWN’s Who Am I series. Check it out on youtube if you’ve never seen it. On to business, or the good stuff rather, When someone asks who you are, what traits enter your mind, and why?Continue reading “Wait a Minute, Who Are You?”

Sunshine Blogger Award

Greetings Earthlings!! Welcome to the Sunshine Blogger Award Hour. Your attention is appreciated.  First, Major Thanks, and Appreciation for this Nominations goes to Annie!!!  *Applause* If you are new to this award, this is how it works: The rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award are simple: Thank the person who nominated you in a blogContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”


It’s been a little bit since I posted something. Just writing this to clear my head without divulging to much. You know, we are all connected. I know right, who knew? But it is good to know that there is someone who is standing with you And traveling this road with you, even when itContinue reading “Expressing”