Detachment in Progress

Some people pay attention to their intuition very well. It is not even a question when it comes to avoiding people, or situations because it gives you a “feeling” that you can’t quite describe. Yet, its strong enough to pay attention to. This is who I am. I’ve known to avoid a lot of thingsContinue reading “Detachment in Progress”

Triggered Thoughts

The Memories that a picture can bring …. These are my thoughts     Bear it all, and get stepped on. But it doesn’t take away from your beauty, even in the situation. Remember even the bear has gained freedom.  Sitting in the laundry mat after moving to the big city. Out of Place. Alone.Continue reading “Triggered Thoughts”


Things through my eyes… When it takes me 30 minutes, or more to read a 5 minute article, or section of work, I smile. The experience is about processing what is in front of me.  Then I relate it to self for maximum growth, and positivity. I restructure the info into a gratitude, and aContinue reading “Glimpse”

Energy rising 

Close your eyes. Take a moment to visualize the priceless moments that give you joy, like the ones you love. Let that feeling cascade from your head to your toes. Allow it to warm you. Allow it to consume you. Allow it to lift the heaviness you’ve felt far to long. Let it flow like freshContinue reading “Energy rising “


It’s been a little bit since I posted something. Just writing this to clear my head without divulging to much. You know, we are all connected. I know right, who knew? But it is good to know that there is someone who is standing with you And traveling this road with you, even when itContinue reading “Expressing”