I should’ve been asleep. Dreaming about another lion inside my house. If you know the meaning of that dream, let me know. Soon the sun will have risen and tasks will need to be completed. Somewhere… my body doesn’t get the memo because insomnia runs deeper than an old blues song that reminds you ofContinue reading “2:22”

00:47 16 March 2019

Dear God, Only you know what you’re doing in this season of my life. The stillness within and the isolation is for a reason and I’m opening to your leading. You know my heart and mind. You know my desires, hopes and dreams. No, I don’t know what’s in store nor why the road seemsContinue reading “00:47 16 March 2019”

Inspired by…

At this moment I’m needing to write… No focus but to press play on different songs and then let the writing flow freely from me… and so, here we are… random streams…   ~~Song:  Pearl Cadillac by Gary Clark Jr.~~ When love was fierce, we inspired each other. Nothing but living the day-to-day.  First thoughtsContinue reading “Inspired by…”

Ode to Within

      You’ve been so neglected and pushed to the side. Your feelings and imagination have been so suppressed inside. The inability for you to be expressed,  Has caused other areas to tumble in distress.  You’re the reward that I now have to work hard to get close to.  When in the past, youContinue reading “Ode to Within”

Untitled Title 

I can’t be your reminder of pain. You’ve already experienced too much before me.  I can’t be the misunderstanding that adds pounds of heaviness to your days, your hours, your minutes, and your seconds.  I’m unable to fill the void that you fight so hard to keep empty as a trophy of inability to acceptContinue reading “Untitled Title “

Questions: Motivation & Encouragement

Is there a difference between encouragement and motivation? And what if you encourage someone daily, yet nothing you do motivates him/her? Or how much do you mean to someone who you can’t motivate nor encourage? When should you stop even caring about how your motivation and encouragement affects the other person when your intention isContinue reading “Questions: Motivation & Encouragement”

A moment in my mind

I’m often told I am too analytical…maybe…maybe not…but I’m thinking now…may I share them with you….Here we go..   *Sips Water* I’ll never apologize for my mind, my actions, and my heart. My intentions are to bring others up as I rise myself.     *Sips More Water*   We want to be loved butContinue reading “A moment in my mind”