For today 1/21/2016 

Take. It. A. Moment. At. A. Time. There will be times I hurt to the core, and feel low. There will be times I am overcome with joy and laughter, that merge into tears. Remember to breathe. Pray. Take it a moment at a time. Sometimes I need to write, or read to keep myselfContinue reading “For today 1/21/2016 “


There are times I can’t sleep unless Affirmations are flowing through my head.   The gratitude within the contents give me peace.   It seems like each day is filled with enough prayers, and hope, that everyone near and dear to me can miss a year and still have covering, especially Sunshine. My heart hasContinue reading “Affirm-itudes”

O, just me huh

Have you ever just stopped to think, or rather been unsolicitedly overrun with thoughts about: Why does it seem so hard for people to acknowledge their feelings, and express it to that special someone? You know the warm inside, corny smile ones.   I mean, it seems like it’s far easier for people to acknowledgeContinue reading “O, just me huh”

About: Upgrade

*wavy lines and dreamy reflection music* You know, when I started this blog, it was to express without being interrupted, and feel heard, even on the most random of randomest stuff. Plus, It felt sort of prestigious to have a website…as if I should be wearing a pearl necklace (stay focused), while wearing Mickey MouseContinue reading “About: Upgrade”