Heart: No Vacancy

The awareness of hearing a stranger that I’ve known for so long say I Adore You. Blindsided by the admission.  This is how I used to feel before the present pain, but not for the stranger. The previous love revealed that maybe he was a stranger too, which makes this all even stranger. As theContinue reading “Heart: No Vacancy”

Dear Writing 

Dear Writing, I’m so sorry for how I’ve neglected you so. But my words and my emotions have been battling fiercely. I’ve gotten to a place of knowing I need to come back to your peace in a pen to release what’s bottled up within. I apologize for not honoring you as you’re life toContinue reading “Dear Writing “

Book Review: Boxes for Beds by Maryann Miller

  Book: Boxes for Beds Author: Maryann Miller Rating: 4/5, Book Title and Cover aren’t the greatest      Curiosity Fix / Quick Summary:  Press Me      Quotes….only a smidge….a sprinkling of words…   “My mamma used to say that a man like that had the devil inside.  Whether it’s from the drink orContinue reading “Book Review: Boxes for Beds by Maryann Miller”

Opening the Valve

  Every day I thought about you and wanted time with you all to myself. When the time presented itself (daily), something…happened. A clog. A strangulation. An inability to spill the contents. Uggh! Maybe I wanted it too bad to even begin to start to reach my goal. Maybe my mental marathoning drained me intoContinue reading “Opening the Valve”

A moment in my mind

I’m often told I am too analytical…maybe…maybe not…but I’m thinking now…may I share them with you….Here we go..   *Sips Water* I’ll never apologize for my mind, my actions, and my heart. My intentions are to bring others up as I rise myself.     *Sips More Water*   We want to be loved butContinue reading “A moment in my mind”