The heart doesn’t always seek to release what gave it more reasons to create beats in tune with the love of what’s now past. Forced to save itself, it laid everything on the altar of the One who knew sacrifice and love greater than any form of creation. This act alone would either bury itContinue reading “Sacrifices”

Keeping it in perspective

So many work so hard, yet still haven’t lived. Allow mindfulness and humility to surface. Don’t keep yourself so busy/distracted that you miss the priceless moments of life, the meaningful connections, and a true observation of this beautiful journey of life.

My Mic, You’re Off Talks

Just a moment to stand at the mic…. I’m sick and tired of being the recipient of anything other than kindness, love, support, and help. No more of the wayward comments and unmet portions of people not being their best and most positive. And before the “no one is perfect” argument, I understand that andContinue reading “My Mic, You’re Off Talks”

Encouragement to Lifestyle

Life is a series of loving and letting go. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s making sure that you remember who you are and in what you base your foundation and Love is a part of that. I’ve learned not to make excuses for my actions and decisions. You can’t blame anyone for what you’reContinue reading “Encouragement to Lifestyle”

Letters to Self 0902

Dear Self, I thought you should know that I love you. That your design and brilliant mind piece together perfectly with your loving heart but guard it and give it wisely. There are numerous times when I wanted to hug you just to say I forgive you, just to say I understand you, just toContinue reading “Letters to Self 0902”

Trusting the process 

I’ve dealt with a lot over the last few years, and the start of this year wasn’t the greatest. A friend told me I remind him of Job. Like things just keep coming up but I still try to keep the faith and see the good in it, while hoping for the best.  Some ofContinue reading “Trusting the process “