Not Just A Smile

Yesterday, I hope that you found the time to smile. You deserved to, as you’ve been navigating heavy moments. Yesterday was a celebration. A time for you to smile and indulge in the accomplishments of so many people sharing love, support, encouragement, and investing into one another. If you didn’t smile, you can be sureContinue reading “Not Just A Smile”

It had to happen

There are times when having that conversation in honesty has to occur. It was vulnerable. It was transparent. It was the ability to share how you felt, feel and what your next actions are. It had to occur out of love and respect. It had to occur so you can walk forward with tears butContinue reading “It had to happen”

Is it time for a new season??

There are times when you can’t help but to wonder… that maybe this space and that place has become so uncomfortable and painful that a force greater than self is saying, “It’s time to move. I have better for you.” Many times the painful lesson of having to release what’s being held so tightly toContinue reading “Is it time for a new season??”

Cheers to Another Day

Today is another day to be the amazing spirit filled human being that you are. Everything might not have gone right yesterday, but today is a new day. Yesterday may have been filled with tons of laughs and moments of wishing things never ended, and today is another chance to make more memories. Today isContinue reading “Cheers to Another Day”

Ode to Within

      You’ve been so neglected and pushed to the side. Your feelings and imagination have been so suppressed inside. The inability for you to be expressed,  Has caused other areas to tumble in distress.  You’re the reward that I now have to work hard to get close to.  When in the past, youContinue reading “Ode to Within”