Still Developing

Perfectly wrapped for you..Shaped like a heart to resemble its contents. Yours was on display long before she knew she could obtain it. Willingly, you opened yourself to her. No motives. Vulnerable. Naked. Displaying healing scars yet you are still willing to love Your eyes told what your lips would not ever be able toContinue reading “Still Developing”

Up Up and Away …

Soothes my spirit with a balm of Gilead like energy A pain believed to be incurable subsided  Present all the Time. Who knew? Clark Kent.  Vision Restored and Enhanced.  X-raying and Repairing the areas I didn’t know were failing His presence is life A rose of hope in a field of salted memories  Superman sweptContinue reading “Up Up and Away …”


Money Making. Customer Service at its Peak. No. This isn’t Magic City. Just another day working in the men’s department. Glancing at my quota and wondering how many more hours I have to go. A customer approaches. “May I help you?” Looking up into brown eyes and immediately paralysis kicks in. Unable to speak…unable toContinue reading “Unexpected”

Just Thinking…Again

When did we get to the point of laughing at the pain of another ? Or tickled by misfortune? Somehow our helping hands turned into a pointing finger. Too many tears are salting the earth Too many gallons of blood quench the thirsty green grass of this America When did we grow deaf to theContinue reading “Just Thinking…Again”