Calling All Writers

Dear Fellow Writers – If you are into food, romance, prayers and devotionals, this post is for you. Let’s get to it! Zora James Publishing is accepting submissions for prayers. The prayers should have a specific focus so read the criteria carefully. Act quick because once a certain limit is reached, submissions will no longerContinue reading “Calling All Writers”

Book Review: Frog Hollow (Witches of Sanctuary) Book #1 by Savannah Blevins

  Book Review: Frog Hollow (Witches of Sanctuary) Book #1 Author: Savannah Blevins Rating: 5/5 , Cover also gets an A++ Expected Publication Date:  5 January 2016   Goodreads Summary: Press Me 🙂   Quotes I like from the book….only a few even though I have more: “A  true friend would rather die at your sideContinue reading “Book Review: Frog Hollow (Witches of Sanctuary) Book #1 by Savannah Blevins”

Abnormally Normal

Creativity and Mental Illness. A clarity as clear as a deer standing in the middle of a foggy, highway. You’re aware of its presence,but considered yourself the exemption…Until you’re thrust into recognition, acceptance, and full impact. Writers read. A lot. Then we float around the normal activities of life trying to keep our imagination, andContinue reading “Abnormally Normal”