I can’t do this alone

A kid with concrete tears. Hardened by the streets.. Not numb.. Only refusing to put his guard down.. Vulnerability is not an option. It’s the choice between suicide or remaining a soldier.. The tragedy of residue from decisions made by others.. Father. Unknown. Sibling. None. Mother. Addict. Prostitute. Jobless. The symbol of a vision takingContinue reading “I can’t do this alone”


TIME moves but plays MIME in my desires Fresh game of Red light, Green light My Red is on  Repeat My Red is on Repeat My Red is on Repeat Like Stevie Wonder’s dreams in Summer Wondering Blind Chronic Rain This is not Cali Drowning on Dry land Running on a treadmill in a WhiteContinue reading “WRITING NOVEMBER NATIONAL PEN TO PAPER ACTION : MY RANDOM”

Just Thinking…Again

When did we get to the point of laughing at the pain of another ? Or tickled by misfortune? Somehow our helping hands turned into a pointing finger. Too many tears are salting the earth Too many gallons of blood quench the thirsty green grass of this America When did we grow deaf to theContinue reading “Just Thinking…Again”

Just a sec

I really didn’t have anything to say.. Nothing particular to write about. Just felt like writing. . To relieve. .tension.  I guess it’s tension… or fatigue. .. or frustration. Who knows? All I Know right now is that it just feels good to write. And allow my writing. .. my untitled frustrations or whatever theyContinue reading “Just a sec”


A glance…He is aware…Pretends not to care Our future would be bright if we could see the light But my past got in the line of sight A past killing a future making the present awkward Clear foggy views of hopeless expectations The yin to my yang Pursuing would be in vain Loving me stuntsContinue reading “PRESENT PASSING”