Let it pour out 

How does it feel to be… An open hearted hurricane of analytical thoughts, aborted speeches, and a love that can last even after the world has ended? How many colors would it take from my internal palette to decorate my external reality of complications?  Will there ever by a moment of syncing the beautiful nourishmentContinue reading “Let it pour out “

Class never lets out

Health and Wellness: Have you ever felt broken because you are naturally analytical? Optometry: Do you ever feel like you chase mirages?…and just before you grasp the dream…a mouth full of dirt… English 2: Did you ever want to write instead of argue because it is the most familiar to you? Psychology:  How many timesContinue reading “Class never lets out”

Book Review: Sophie by Jennie Sargam

  Book: Sophie Author: Jennie Sargam Rating: 5/5 Stars, I read this book in a day  Goodreads Summary: Press Me🙂 Quotes I like from the book…only a few though … “How can I expect anyone to really love me if they don’t know who I am?”  “Everything I am and have is a result of whatContinue reading “Book Review: Sophie by Jennie Sargam”

Book Review: Nirvana (Nirvana #1) by J. R. Stewart

    Book: Nirvana (Nirvana #1) Author: J. R. Stewart Ratings: 5/5, Check out that cover also! Major points. Goodreads Summary: Press Me 🙂 Quotes I like from…only a few though.. “The world is crumbling, you’re my distraction from the pain.” “We need the light to see the darkness, and in the darkness is theContinue reading “Book Review: Nirvana (Nirvana #1) by J. R. Stewart”

Book Review: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III by Sister Souljah

Book Review: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III Author: Sister Souljah Genre: Fiction/African American Rating: 5/5 Stars   (I would give more if they were available) Goodreads Summary:  Press ME 🙂 Quotes I like…only a few though… “A true confession should come from a person’s soul voluntarily” “Any man can learn another man’s language ifContinue reading “Book Review: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III by Sister Souljah”

No Title 09/15/15

It made no difference whether the sun was high, or the moon beamed on. He resigned himself to feeling anything that indicated feelings for his decisions, or for her. Standing exposed as the warm, droplets of the water cascaded down his back, he could hear the drum of each drop, yet felt..nothing. Numb. It hadContinue reading “No Title 09/15/15”