Visiting the Book

Forewarning: This may be a rambling post. No worries though.   I’m still in completion of a rather peculiar, yet at moments very peaceful day, when I should have clearly been stressed, or questioning the words presented to me. However, no worries because flipping out doesn’t change the outcome. Although it’s feeling a bit barren,Continue reading “Visiting the Book”


  Someone needs to see this message because I know I still look at it when I need to be reminded, and strengthened.  These quotes come from GG Renee Hill. Here ya go 🙂   “Never dim your light. When you feel invisible and you question your relevance or when no one seems to understand yourContinue reading “MESSAGE”

Quotes UP

Don’t you just love quotes that trigger something within. Before gracing your curious eyes with these quotable life messages, major applause and thanks expressed to GISLYREAL and HOPEJAKISA for nominating me.   While I have your attention, I nominate STUDIOTJ, XENA, and CONSTANCE. Requirements are as follows: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Post three quotes, or one quote forContinue reading “Quotes UP”