Bite-size Milestones

*Writing Music: Ugly Part of Me by Avery Sunshine * *Bonus: Distance by Emily King*   The moon is up, and on duty. This is my usual time for working, chilling, and just acknowledging who I am through gratitude, and love. Tonight is a work zone night. As I sit here, I got a bitContinue reading “Bite-size Milestones”


  Someone needs to see this message because I know I still look at it when I need to be reminded, and strengthened.  These quotes come from GG Renee Hill. Here ya go 🙂   “Never dim your light. When you feel invisible and you question your relevance or when no one seems to understand yourContinue reading “MESSAGE”

Quotes UP

Don’t you just love quotes that trigger something within. Before gracing your curious eyes with these quotable life messages, major applause and thanks expressed to GISLYREAL and HOPEJAKISA for nominating me.   While I have your attention, I nominate STUDIOTJ, XENA, and CONSTANCE. Requirements are as follows: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Post three quotes, or one quote forContinue reading “Quotes UP”

Soul Tap

This is fresh on my spirit, and mental. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Well, this post is specifically about an episode of Super Soul Sunday. Oprah sat down with the author of The Road to Character, David Brooks. You may be familiar with him from his role in the media, and informationContinue reading “Soul Tap”

Today’s Goal

  Hey, Sometimes the only goal you need to set for the day is to be the Best Version Of Yourself!!! Step into the mirror today, and issue self pep talks as needed. Don’t get stuck on the negative thoughts that may try to tip toe into the picture. Acknowledge, Accept, and Flow back toContinue reading “Today’s Goal”

Dear Self

Dear Self,   Thank you for being so loving and helpful. Your spirit is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to think of me each day. You do your best to make sure that I am provided for, that I am healthy,  protected, and surrounded by good people, and places. Thank you! Thank youContinue reading “Dear Self”