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Dear Love…

Dear Love,

The pain that you feel will be eased in time.  It isn’t easy for you to take back the pieces of you but yofont-b-abstract-b-font-font-b-art-b-font-font-b-yellow-b-fontu claw over the minefields that threaten your essence.  Driven by your heart and spirit, you plant hopes in the fields to bloom when the time to harvest arrives.  Your rainy season nurtures your growth.  Darkness illuminates the inner light that many times you suppress to help others build theirs.  The weight on your chest reminds you that there are others that carry a load as well.  

So, you press on with an extended hand, gathering and tending to their wounds.  Many times you are not acknowledged for the love that pours from you consistently and unconditionally.  But, now, you take the time to be still, and allow your own cup to be refilled by the Divine who guides you.  I salute you and I support you.  

These hugs and love will always be present for your consumption and care.  Take time to heal and rebuild the love for yourself.  Know that your worth and value do not decrease because others didn’t protect the gem that you are.  So, I send this message of love.  Please receive it as an apology for all those that didn’t.  Receive it as the ears when no one listened.  Receive it as a smile that matched yours on the day when gratitude flowed from you. Receive it and know that I am here.  


Everything that you need and more

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Trading Pain for Peace


“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. “

Peace and Progress.

The above quote aided in restoring my peace.  I released my grasp on what was outside of me and tapped into the higher presence inside and around me.

Oblivious.  I am not oblivious to the moments that can bid on snatching the peace away causing me to feel like my progress has been reset.

It has been a long journey to get back to this place, and it required me letting go of soooo much.

I took back control of the areas that we often attempt to share with others, like our heart, our time, our emotions, our spirituality, our finances, and so much more.

I reclaimed my peace by investing in spiritual growth.  Along the way, I put other things on a platform that could not offer me the same.

Easily it happens this way.  We tap out of ourselves and into others and the distractions along the pursuit.

There is a balance to the Self-Care and how we invest ourselves into the world in which we live.

My Self-Care involves daily releasing my grasp on what I can not control nor allow to stress me.  I released the frustration that comes with expectations in regards to the choices of others.  I released the stress of having to get it right in order to achieve growth.

I’ve always been honest with myself.  This same honesty has to be applied to the systems we use and the people within those systems.  I reminded myself of what I need in order to operate at my best self.  And on the not so good days, I remind myself that all is still going well and gratitude is expressed.

I released the fear of losing things that are valuable to me.  There is only soo much prevention, and that still is not a certainty.  There is no certainty, except life, death, and a power greater than me.

This keeps me fueled with peace.  It keeps me humble and the day flows much better.

I encourage you to release the things that you have been battling with. Exercise your faith and courage that you will make the best decision for yourself, even if that means starting over fresh.

You have to make the choice that you will exhibit love, joy, peace, gentleness, integrity, honesty, self-control, patience, understanding, and compassion.

It’s amazing how some of the best rewards are nurtured within pain and perceived darkness.

So, release your grasp.  Release your grasp. Trust yourself and have faith. Allow peace to be present in the process as you progress from one moment to the next.  🙂

I am perched in constant conversation on a rock that is greater than I.

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Beautiful Hearts



“Bitterness, resentment, and anger have no place in a heart as beautiful as yours. “

~Lysa Terkeurst~


What do we need to release today to allow our beautiful hearts to breathe?

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Sorrow to Joy



Have you ever felt like you keep revisiting the same painful situation over and over again?  Have you tried different approaches but it feels like it yielded the same results, or viewed by the other person as not having changed anything at all?


I understand the statement, “How does it feel to be a problem?”


Well, not good at all… like someone trying to tattoo an open nerve ending?  The repeated and frustratingly throbbing pain.


Problem is:  It isn’t always painful.. the moments that give joy are enough to provide hope and fuel and expectation.  And then, back to the brick wall.  Ugh, the only thing I can think of is to not have an expectation and continue the same path… or to remove myself from the path and walk in the unchartered grassy area.


It’ll shift my focus, my desires, my thinking, my expectation, and whatever else is needed to not keep hitting the same wall.


So, is it pointless to pray and pray and keep coming back to the same thing?  Let me abandon that thinking…


Allow me to pivot.  I shift from sorrow to joy.  I can’t expect a harvest within sorrow. Why? Who would want to bloom on sorrow filled land? Nothing and no one. I have to shift. I’m shifting. It’s not easy but I have to express joy. My faith is bigger than the circumstances.


I express gratitude for strength and courage.  I’m hurting but I am going to praise, to have faith, and to continue to plant seeds of joy for a bountiful harvest, whatever that may look like.

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Gratitude and Praise





Have you ever felt a surge of spiritual uplift (internal fire) so great that it feels like you’ll explode if you don’t do something….anything in response?


Praises are going up.


My mood is overflowing with Gratitude. GRATITUDE.  My heart, mind, body, and soul thirsts for more.  Unashamed pleas of not being passed up by the Divine.


You know, it only takes one blessing that you receive…accept…activate to change your entire course in life.


I express gratitude for the moments that I courageously grasped tightly.


I express gratitude for the honor of the gift…to be loved enough to be blessed, even when I don’t always deserve it.


I express gratitude for the courage to walk in the journey in progression on the next level.


I express elation for the ability to move… to feel…to think…to breathe…to write…to cry…to laugh…to express….to be the Amazing woman that I am.


I express gratitude for the past and present people and situations that have aided me along this journey.  Nope, it hasn’t been easy.  Today had some trials.  But, guess what?  I survived it.  I’m still here.


As T.D. Jakes says, if the Divine brought you through that, why would you get here and be troubled.  Let that marinate. LIVE!!!!

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Mapping Life



Trying my best to do better with my writing and release of what may be on my mind.. what may have inspired me…what has been totally imagined, created, and turned into a post…either way,  it feels good.


The question that resonated with me today came from T.D. Jakes.  He asked, “Do you feel gifted, but lost?”    Listen, my white flag of surrender was waving with my pick me coach hand raised as well.


Ding, Ding, Ding.  Lost and Gifted.  I’m not sleeping on what’s within.  Just the fact that my circumstances may not be ideal for it’s expression presently in the way that my vision projects, creates a constant….let me stress that…C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T  flux in emotions, energy, frustration, anger, and so so many more up and down, twisted about modes that can’t always be expressed and understood by others.


It’s like a battle between what society expects and “attempts’ to shape us into -VS- what truly gives me joy, passion, creativity, fuel, peace, and hope, even on the days when I may not want to do it…I still get motivation once the process starts.  The pieces of the puzzle line up upon the 3d puzzle of this life.


However, the approach I take has to be different, if i want the change to occur.  Don’t worry I am a pro in patience.  The patience zone is overflowing out my cup and causing yours to run over.  Clean that up, though. 🙂 Anyway, between the expression of love and the passion for writing, BALANCE is a must.


I choose not to worry about the things that I can’t control.  Don’t get me wrong, this is truly easier said than done, especially regarding my heart and mind.  Keith Harrell expressed, “Worrying is like a negative form of mediation.”   Preach, Keith.  Preach.   I tap out of the worrying as much as I can.   It alters my mood and energy entirely too much.  It’s not always the situation but the fear and uncertainty combined with the risk of the situation.  Change is in progress.  I will be patient, forgiving, and loving towards myself.


As you know, whenever you push pass your comfort zone, pass your pain, pass your security, risk is involved.  You have to remember to be kind to yourself within the transition while continuing to take steps forward.  Standing still and talking myself out of things is not exercising my faith, my courage, my strength, and my SELF.


I affirm:  It’s tough but I will push toward the reward I seek in line with my vision and gifts.

I affirm:  I push through my pain and comfort because my success in that area is far more important to me.

I affirm:  I will fail in ways but if there is a lesson, then it is another gain toward achieving my goal.

I affirm:  The people and environments that I allow into my life are conducive to my growth, as I am conducive to theirs.

i affirm:  No matter what I will try to look at the positive in the situation and even if the past was associated with a negative outlook.  I won’t be a cynic.


Today is a blessing.  Today new measures, and some revised measures, are taking place.


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Perspective and Acceptance 

Am I the only one that thinks…. take cover, she’s thinking. But seriously, have you ever just thought about the people in your life and how much they matter to you? 

Does it sometimes scare you that they could possibly be gone in the next moment, either by choice or circumstance? Me too. 

And then I think about how we pray that they remain…Or we try to Love so much harder with the hopes that what you bring into their life is enough to keep them near…

And you know what, it’s kind of painful or  a helpless feeling because you truly have no control over it. None. 

So we maneuver in ways to protect ourselves…or we pep talk ourselves into getting our emotions to respond as if everything will be alright with no effect.. but that pesky mind can send you elsewhere. 

Your eyes open to the fact of free will/choice. You pause and have no choice but to accept that because you are “the way you are”, it doesn’t mean they will respond the same way. Painful. Real. Humbling. Scary. Life. 

I find myself thinking about how much I’ve experienced that left me broken and wonder what did I miss . The thoughts are draining. The actions to prevent it from happening again are draining. 

So I choose to Suck It Up. The way I present myself to the world is just that.. my way. I intend no harm. I love intensely. I’m unique and my thoughts are sometime outside the ballpark, forget left field. 

But what I love most is the Hope that I have to keep believing and applying steps due to faith. Faith in knowing that what I desire to complement me is actually obtainable, even if it cuts deep at times. 

With the current, I pray for the highest good in truth and  love in my life and with that special someone. I pray that my fears merge into acceptance and peace. I pray that my actions are true to what I believe even if the other person may veer off course. I pray to care for myself and others in the ways that I am allowed that aid in growth, positivity, and well-being. I pray for continued clarity and confirmation of a guided path. I pray that I’m always able to rebuild even after the worse day.

I’m grateful for the mindfulness and the things and people  present in my life. I’m grateful for who I am, even if it’s not the norm. I’m grateful that I won’t allow the deception of this world to mess up my core, my love, my strength, my courage, and my stability.

I’m grateful for this writing that gives me the ability to breathe and express what often can’t be spoken to others. 

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Quote Dose



“I have begun everything with the idea that I could succeed, and I never had much patience with the multitudes of people who are always ready to explain why one cannot succeed.”  

~Booker T. Washington~