Is it a barrier or what?

Often times, people feel like I don’t have a response to what is being said. That’s not always the case. Sometimes the barrier comes when trying to communicate and feeling like it is a waste of time to open the door to the conversation.

Ever had someone ask a question and you respond… only to be misunderstood or chastised for the response. What does this teach you?

Take it a step further, have you done this to the youth in your life? Do they come to you ready and willing to talk only to meet a barrier or to feel worse than when the conversation started?

Have you done this to adults in your life? Many adults feel they are always right and others can learn how to change, instead of the adult changing.

This is a problem because too many times we can’t communicate or grow because the communication becomes a merry-go-round of misunderstanding and/or pain… or pointless overall.

I won’t even start on the controlling the conversation dynamic.

This is why many of us don’t tap into the conversation unless we deem it is necessary because we don’t want to expend that energy which is better invested in a way that is more beneficial and possibly more positive.

Whether in work or business, these situations come up a lot. I used to inquire on if I was broken but that is a big no.

At this point, just tired of being the change I wish to see in these types of communications.

Don’t get me wrong, I may present a communication barrier at times, especially when I don’t agree with something. However, I do try to exercise understanding. I don’t however try to persuade or keep talking just to prove that I am right or to get the last word.

We need to do better with communicating. We need to seek to be purposeful in our responses and when we listen.

Otherwise, we will destroy the conversation before it even begins…

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