Your Actions Impact Lives

The support of one another is crucial.

It can also be life changing.

However this doesn’t mean to bully people because they don’t agree with the mass opinion.

We’ve witnessed both sides of an issue when one party chose to stand alone while the world was against him or her, and later it proved to be a respected action and true display of strength.

And we’ve also witnessed the opposite stance where a large mass of people have a belief and rip another person apart.

It is.. beautiful at times.. frustrating at times… historic at times… and disgusting and shameful at times.

And the truly sad part is that many never see the true impact of their actions, especially on the negative aspect when one believes he or she is “right.”

Others fail to even research and consider information without bias AND formulate an opinion based off what they were told.

The things we love about life are the same things we begin to hate when we feel someone doesn’t see things as we do.

It saddens me. It saddens me.

Far too often, mob actions occur rather than agreeing to disagree in some cases and keeping peace and respect.

I’m sure someone reading this can formulate many examples in support or against the pros and cons of ANY topic.

We really need to stop and do better. Each of us.

Think of the last time you encouraged someone.

Think of the last time you were mean and hateful to someone.

Think of the last time you ridiculed or made fun of someone.

Your actions matter just as much as others.

Reread that again.

Your actions matter just as much as others.

Be mindful of the spaces, the people and the actions you entertain, invest in, and more.

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