Thank you

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of time, the chance to once again live a life displaying you within us.

It is my prayer that we have touched the hearts of others today in ways that promote healing, joy, comfort, and hope.

Thank you for protecting and providing for us. I truly believe you’ve protected us and continue to protect us from dangers and ill motives of which we have no knowledge of.

I ask that as another day concludes that you provide us with restorative rest and comfort. May we continue to have your angels of protection around us.

If you decide to bless us with more time and another sunrise, I pray we contribute in ways reflective of you and your love. May the love within us touch and speak to others.

Thank you for this life, even when we don’t understand many of its hardships. Thank you for equipping us with all we need and more.

With humility, love and gratitude,


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