Heavy yet prayerful

I remember feeling something was on the horizon and sharing it.

Well, it wasn’t many days after that in which things shifted. It shifted in ways that I could not have predicted or imagined.

I battled COVID and pneumonia. The virus almost claimed my life. I’m grateful having won that battle. There were many during that same time that did not.

And now that it seemed like things were looking up this month, the battles of heartbreak have shown up. I’m not quite sure completely what happened. I lost a dear friend in an accident, and my tears are still pouring. My heart is heavy, yet my prayers and faith are strong.

Currently, I’m prayerful and flowing from one moment to the next. It’s been a rollercoaster of a week.

When the sun greets me in the morning, I pray the day is better than the days, weeks and months before.

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