The Writer Within

I. Miss. You.

Right now as your eyes read those words above, you’re inquiring within whether or not I am speaking to you. Remove the doubt because.. I Am.

Time has passed and familial obligations are always at the forefront but… I. Miss. You.

I miss your ability to transform a moment into a movie leaving the reader desiring more. The way you weave your work days, your dreams, your thoughts, your love and compassion for others into written works of art leave me in awe.

There are times you question if what you shared has impact… it does. You. Do.

You are Impact.

Take this moment and push beyond the reserves that you have about what to compose or is it perfect. There’s no need… just let your essence breathe through the lines

Because I Miss You and I Need You to bring me into your world so that I can connect with and experience you…

You have been silent with your gift for far too long

Speak To Me

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