I should’ve been asleep. Dreaming about another lion inside my house. If you know the meaning of that dream, let me know.

Soon the sun will have risen and tasks will need to be completed.

Somewhere… my body doesn’t get the memo because insomnia runs deeper than an old blues song that reminds you of how your uncle’s lady left him for the saxophonist in his band.

Crazy how one can be exhausted yet the body still feels the need to.. chase squirrels. Oh well, is my remedy at times… might as well make the best of it.

Sooo here I am composing this post. Believe it or not, it aids me in relaxing, as writing or expression has been a habit since I was a child.

Hey, don’t feel bad for me because this moment shall pass. It’s just a moment… maybe it’s a message… or maybe it’s another reason to just appreciate the time that I’m blessed to be here on this Earth.

See I’ve yawned 3 times in the five mins it took me to write this. So as I prepare to close my eyes, I say Goodnight… until we meet again

2 thoughts on “2:22

  1. If I remember correctly, lions can symbolize one of two things in dreams. One lion, or three lions, symbolize God. It is generally something we (the dreamer) know we should or should not be doing, and God wants us to seek our heart to do His will. Another meaning is that the lion represents circumstances beyond our control. God wants us (the dreamer) to know that He is protecting us. Overcoming is on the horizon.

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