Listen – Hang in There

People make it seem easy when they say – Walk away to make room for more.

What people don’t speak about are the many emotions and thoughts associated with that action?

No one likes to share the uncertainty and the fear that can sometimes bring.

Maybe it’s not uncertainty but pain because you enjoyed the place that you are leaving behind. Yeah, it can hurt.

Perhaps it’s the planning that has you awake wondering how things are going to play out, even though you have no control over the future.

Another factor could be making a decision that you didn’t want to make but felt left without a choice for the betterment of everyone or because you had reached your limits.

Walk away to make room for more.

And even when you experience the above, you may also have excitement and optimism swirling within.

I’ve been here, whether it’s starting a new role or job or walking away from a love that doesn’t love back.

It’s not easy but I’ve learned sometimes it’s better to just relax as much as possible and implement a plan.

What type of plan?

For myself, a plan of prayer, a moment of silence, a healthy way to release what may be going on within, and trusting that even as I may have discomfort, pain or joy I have to do the best I can with the moments that are presented to me. That’s it.

That’s it. So take it easy.

Keep your head up. Heart open. Stay focused.

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