Think of your audience

This morning I woke up to 22 messages.. that’s 22 posts from the same writer. And I almost made it 20 reasons to unsubscribe but… I decided to write this post for the moment.

As writers, we should be mindful not to overload our readers, our friends, and our audience with too much too often. Yes I understand the need in creating and wanting to get it out. That same blessing can also be a curse. It can be a reason why connection is destroyed. There’s just so much to digest.

A question ran through my mind.. will everyday have this much going on. Will I wake up to an inbox or notification filled zone? If so, let me detach from this now.

However, let me write a post in the hopes that it provides consideration and a prospective that maybe the writer wasn’t aware of. We all have our moments where things flow and we sometimes forget about others that love what we share just as much.

Maybe you’re wondering, how do I fix that? Schedule your content to be released at a certain date and time. Space it in intervals so we don’t feel force fed. Commit to two posts a day that aren’t back to back. Perhaps, one post in the early morning and another in the afternoon. Just not 22 back to back.

Hopefully this helps writers and readers.

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