On Another Level

Wrapping up the day

There are no worries. No sideline convos of who didn’t return a call or text.

No petty comebacks waiting to be played like a Joker in spades.

Those nights where pain used to be a pillow wondering why someone didn’t change, they are no more.

There is warmth as I lay comfy in these sheets.

And although my account isn’t where I desire, thoughts aren’t plaguing me.

They’ve been replaced by affirmations and exclamations of gratitude.

I guess you can say there’s been a shift, even subtly.

Yes, a smooth jazz instrumental plays in the background with hopes that I doze off floating on the rift of a person living his or her dream

These eyelids of mine heavy and welcoming what will play on their screens

Tonight.. I’m on another level.

And it feels like exactly where I need to be

This place. This position. This time.

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