I should be asleep.. resting and recharging for another day. However, the evening presented other plans. Completed tasks and conversations that confirm that I was exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment. I was receiving and connecting to what was intended, what was needed, and what I didn’t know I would have the impact that it did.

It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t welcomed in with an expectation other than to listen.. to be present.. to be myself.

Upon listening, I was fed. I was reminded of how the tools may not be in my toolbox but it doesn’t mean that the provisions aren’t present. Let that marinate a minute. That’s a moment beyond what I could have plan or expected.

Can you imagine the world opening before you and lack anything that you could have done on your own to cause it to open, except be present? That’s major. That’s purposeful. That’s.. well that is inspiring and more than worthy of saying a heartfelt Thank You.

This may sound greedy but I welcome in more and more of these moments. Moments that confirm love, that confirm support, that confirm seeds being planted, that confirm peace, and so much more. Yep, allow me to indulge on that overflow.

For this, I express gratitude. 💛

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