Aht Aht, Not For Me

No, there won’t be journeys of pursuit. The moments of chasing after anything just won’t do.

Working towards goals, now that’s something.. different. I’m building upon what’s already present. Skilling up personally and professionally.

Remember, wholeness is already present. Everything else is a complement or a refactoring, which includes loss.

Nope, no persuasions that I see others investing in far too often. Nah, not even pitching a product.

It’s time to see value by connecting with what’s present. Question is: who is assigned the task of convincing others you’re worth their time, their attention, their investment, their respect, their kindness and more…

Signing up for that task, it’s not for me. I am who I am and I’ll continue to evolve. The other parts isn’t a factor.

Reclaim your peace. Reclaim your strength. Reclaim your perspective of self. You’ve spent far too much time worrying about what truly isn’t important.

No searching. Only living, loving and growing. Don’t you feel better already.

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