Ah, What’s on the 2021 plate?

If there’s one thing that the last year has taught us is that we have limited control.

We were forced to be still, to understand that we don’t have all the answers, to understand the impact of time, to appreciate life, and adapt in so many ways that often times you didn’t know what to do without distractions and something to engage in.

There were many wins and many losses. Tears were shed, whether it be joy or sadness. Memories were made even if the outcome wasn’t always favorable.

One beautiful thing I love about last year, even in its Jumanji edition, is that you learned a lot about SELF. No matter where you went or remained, self would always be there. There was an increase in resilience, courage, creativity, spirituality, unity, compassion, understanding, and mindfulness.

It’s now a new year. There’s so much to be gained, so much to be completed, so much to experience, and so much to partake in, as long as we are gifted with another day to live. If you’re reading this, you’re here. And I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful that I’m here as well. I truly hope that you are optimistic about what is to come. I sure am.

Take a moment and think about this week. What are you looking forward to working on or experiencing? What intention or mood will you aim for no matter what the day brings your way? Remember, take a moment and be mindful. Be conscious of what you are able to control. Nurture what’s present. Give thanks for what has been, what is, and what’s to come. And let’s keep that energy flowing each day. Yes, it can be a daily goal for each day of this year. Let’s make each moment purposeful, loving and filled with gratitude.

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