Fearless Pieces

Some of the best songs are written from the spaces and places that we didn’t see coming. And although there’s still so much to unveil and connect with, there’s a special space filled with comfort just for you.

Maybe it’s the empath in me or the path that I see or maybe it’s exactly where we should be.. in this space, right here and right now.. uncovering what logic would talk us out of.. what love would have entranced us with.. and a plan so divine God surprised Himself.

Or maybe it’s just… a piece of a thought as I lay in bed wondering why there’s something in my soul that needs to be fed..

Premature may be tap dancing in your mind but when you feel sometimes it’s best to express it at the time. A time in which the words can be felt, the moment encapsulated in a memory, a freeing of a spirit that traveled into the future just to let you know how special you are, even at this moment in time.

Brush away the fear. Walk into a journey that isn’t the norm but will truly warm the parts of you that have been left in the cold and taken for granted by those of your past. May the present be a moment you desire to cling to. May you choose it in time, just as it’s chosen you.

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