Keeping Appointments with the Moon

The moon’s on duty and wondering yet again why I’m visiting. Sleep should’ve happened long ago. The familiar tug of heavy eyelids and frustration. It wasn’t the lack of trying that concluded in no success. Trying was the consistent part, sleep wasn’t keeping its appointment. And here we are revisiting late night expressions via posts, when a dream would’ve been more fitting. Cheers to the familiar friends of 1:11, 2:22, and thoughts on their additional lap. There’s peace just no rest. Dear Angels, reveal what’s next.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Appointments with the Moon

  1. I’m right there with you, Virgo. It seems sleep has been enjoying a good game of hide and seek with me lately, and I’m not the one hiding! Lol. Hoping you find that shut eye you desperately seek. ☺️⭐️😴

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    1. Thank you. Hoping you are able to rest as well. And if there’s a message in this lack of sleep,may it bring clarity for us both. Dear Sleep, game over. We’d like some rest now 😁

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      1. 😄 Yess! I find my mind tends to be more creative around these hours, so not all is lost! Lol. Thank you for the well wishes, my friend! Maybe Insomnia will take a hint and go away soon. Sleep well when it comes! 😋

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      2. Same here, creative playground. Then in the morning or day, it’s payment time with drain lol. I agree, I wish the hint comes soon. Until then, creative land it is. Wishing you restorative sleep too. 💛

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