And then there was none

If you know my heart, you know I do what I can to help others. And I’ve done this without expecting anything in return.

However, this type of lifestyle can lead to being put in positions where it feels like I care more than others, am left standing alone, and in other cases just taken advantage of. Not all these attempts have unfavorable results, the majority lead to success. But.. yes, there’s a but. I find that I’m usually so engaged helping others that my own tasks start to be placed on the back burner.

Well, no more accommodations in that area. As much as I like to be present to help others, they have to figure things out on their own for now. Only the obligations like my kids will be of priority. The rest will have to lean elsewhere. I’m working hard and committing to what needs to advance my lifestyle. It’s been a hard journey and I’m still pushing. The dual focus is out.

And that’s all there is to that.

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