Purposeful Moments

She had finally managed to make it happen. It wasn’t the most spacious but it would have to work. She could hear the puzzled voices moving from room to room.

The only solution was right at her fingertips. It was her best kept secret. Not everyone knew about the way she maneuvered in order to transform 20 mins into what sometimes couldn’t be achieved in hours upon hours. She’d really outdone herself this time.

Sitting back and smiling, there was nothing for her to focus on. There wasn’t a phone ringing or buzzing from messages. No television could be heard, nor was there light. It was pitch black and exactly what she needed. With a deep inhale, she laid back, inhaled, and relaxed her mind.

Suddenly she heard what appeared to be a thud and scratch upon the door. No way. It couldn’t be what she thinks. No way. She does her best not to make a sound. Maybe it was an illusion or will keep passing on by if it was a thud upon the door. Another scratch and the door knob begins to move. It rattles a bit and stops. Silence.

She sits up quietly, still trying to be as quiet as possible. It’s quiet. Five seconds. Ten seconds. She exhales. Excellent, she hadn’t been discovered. She begins to relax so she can lay back again with eyes closed and just enjoy the silence.

The knob begins to rattle again. Slowly it begins to turn, more deliberately. This time the one on the other end found purpose in catching what was on the other end. As the knob slowly turns and reaches its prized position, the closet door starts to open letting in bright light. It takes her a moment to refocus. She had been found.

In the highest, yet playful pitch, the voice of a six year says, “Ha! Found you, mom. You’re it. My turn to hide.”

She smiles and shrugs. Hey, who said that self-care and hide and seek couldn’t cross paths.

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