No Ordinary Day

The alarm tone startled her. This time it started before she was ready. That was its job, right?

Usually she awakened just before the enchantment played through her speakers accompanied by a soft blue backlight signaling the start of a new day. Not today, it was as if her cheek was pressed to the hood of a car while someone pressed down aggressively on the horn. Startling.

Peeling herself out of bed, the covers seemed to pull her back trying to persuade to remain there for a tighter hug. Unable to yield to the comfort, she proceeded to the shower. Perhaps the warmth of the liquid beads would persuade her body to wake up just a bit more.

The shower seemed to do the trick. Twenty mins later, she was humming her favorite song as she headed downstairs toward the kitchen to grab her “Not before coffee” mug to brew a rich and creamy cup of Creme Brûlée.

Rounding the corner, she gasped. The sound of her cup crashing against the floor followed as she stood frozen in place. She should have known that today was no ordinary day.

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