Why Breathe

One of the most frustrating things is having the people that you love dearly just keep making decisions that prevent their progress in life. And it isn’t the fact that they don’t realize it because they do. And when faced with reality, their anger and blame surfaces.

Now there are times when progress seems to be made until… BOOM!!! Back at the same point AGAIN.

Immediately, the anger has shifted. Deeply planted in my internal. The frustration has started to place its hand around anger’s neck. The brain tries to make sense of it but is drowning in the reality that the true decision isn’t yours. All that is left is prayer. A prayer from the heart. A prayer that lives are protected, guided, and humbled to see the better path which isn’t the current path. Yet, spare their life. Allow them to change and live to inspire change in others. Fully functional.

Prayer, that’s all. My speech doesn’t aid the situation. My speech is often misinterpreted by the ears of others. Why express what won’t be properly understood? Why do anything more than pray?

Ideal vs Reality. Often, the things we encounter are easier said than done until faced with it in a way that you can’t give up. You can’t detach from it totally. You can’t fix it to make it better for others more than yourself. You can’t do anything but pray.

How much is unavoidable? And you know what? There’s nothing that can be said right now that eases anything I feel. Save your breath because I’m saving mine. Prayer is all I can do.

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