All You

Why must there continue to be opposition? They didn’t believe in you. The carrot was redefined… and you went for it. Full throttle. You dug deep. Pushing with all the might your heart, body and mind could create.

There was more at work than what you knew at the time. It was a system, actually multiple systems and ill intentions auditioning to be the next obstacle upon your journey. This is what they’ve trained their lives for. One goal.. to keep you from reaching your goals.

Everyone was far too focused on hiding themselves behind coaching your journey. Do this and do that. Critical. More and more noise. No one noticed that you placed them in a space in which only they could hear themselves. After all, that’s what they were doing, talking to hear themselves.. talk.

I stepped back when you took that deep breath and reached into a place that you’ve never had to reach. You’ve never been this hungry for it. You’ve never known a weight such as this. Yet still you rose up from the ashes and took that beautiful light that’s kept you ablaze through it all… and you made the leap of a lifetime

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