Newbies and Documentation

As a cybersecurity “student”, I’ve discovered quickly that you are NEVER truly secure. You gain understanding and minimize the damage. There is no true prevention though. This is with anything in life actually.

The amount of material, resources and tools can be dangerous to use. Your life and others may be changed in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. What’s my point in all of this? As a “student”, documentation is crucial.

The lack of clear documentation has been a consistent frustration for me. For example, if I join an intro course to learn, it will say to connect to OpenVPN and test your connection. I download OpenVPN, then… what do I do next? How do I safely and accurately connect while also making sure that I’m working within my Virtual Machine and etc? The goal for some students is proceeding with confidence that they (myself included) are not exposed while learning tools that help others to remain safe. Don’t get me wrong, playing bad guy with permission is a lovely perk too. You have to be able to break into it, fix the route you used to break into it, and make the “it” more secured.

Back to what I was saying, if you are a course creator, instructor, or sharer of knowledge, please make sure that the documentation is clear. Make sure the documentation doesn’t assume that certain knowledge is already present. Provide a section of commonly asked questions with answers. Provide resources that link to acquiring more info that may be needed for setup, for troubleshooting, and for a community that is trustworthy and can get you pointed in the right direction.

Just a few tips from my mind to yours

Now, how do I make sure I am connected to OpenVPN? How do I make sure that Kali Linux is installed on my VMware? And how do I make sure both of those are working together so I can install a package to the Kali Linux Machine? Come on, you knew there was motivation behind this post 😊

I’m also going to share this post on so that I can get some feedback from the tech community.

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