Sleeping with other people

Nope, this post isn’t about me doing a tell all or something that will keep you daydreaming while at work. Wrong blog.

Sleeping With Other People is the name of the movie that I watched today. It was recommended to me. Usually, the title would make me say that I’m not interested in a movie focused on people sleeping with other people. The entire sex as the main focus of everything is boring and old to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Because of my admiration for the one that recommended it, I gave the movie a chance. And I had to say (after I toughened my skin) that the movie wasn’t bad at all. The writer was a bit of a limit pusher but the comedy and developing romance was great.

Depending on the person watching, it can be very revealing as to why people do what they do. It reveals how people can feel no remorse for how they treat you. Good thing is you have more control than you may realize.

There was one portion when the girl saw a familiar runner and felt compelled to follow. Love can have you this way. I can relate to that. One sided love will have you chasing what truly isn’t available to you. You’re so close but no success. Out of breath and wondering how to recenter self and break habits that aren’t productive or truly loving, you sometimes stand there not knowing how to proceed.

The journey if self and how you relate to others begins. Actually, it’s been present all along. Your focus only shifted. The how. The who. The purpose.

There’s a lot that I gathered from the movie, especially regarding behavior and roles.

Good way to spend the small down time that I had today. Thanks to my friend for the recommend. You should check it out too. Note: If you’re a bit shy and sensitive to language like I am at times, you’ll definitely need to toughen up to watch it.

Overall, the blossoming of love can be beautiful, especially when both realize it and embrace it without the desire of serving an illusion to the other.

Cheers to love and the comedic moments it can play in lives.

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