Moon has been on duty for a while. My body is on E, yet here I am hoping to doze off. No success presently because you’re reading this post. This is my version of a late night brain dump. It’s a moment to let go of the day in the hopes that my body says that it’s okay to get some sleep in preparation for the day ahead.

Is there really anything on my mind? The usual: travel, finances, a home that I adore and helped design, and a new vehicle. I remember when love was a part of the plan or think mode. Now, it’s just… if it happens, then cool… if not, then cool. Goal is to not stress nor hurt in that area again so I’m good with whatever the plan is. But it would be nice to have a human teddy bear to cuddle up to…

Wow, I actually yawned. It’s time to try this sleep thing again. Insomnia should allow me to win tonight. The morning will be upon me and work mode will begin before I know it.

May we prepare for another day of smiles, of the unexpected, of welcoming in love and friendships, and so much more. May there be a blessing that meets our needs in overflow. Until next time…

I wonder what my next post will be about…

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