I could have been…

As I sit here typing this, I’m developing a plan to get up early in the morning to meet a writing deadline. It’s not a hard assignment. The issue is that I have just been so busy lately. AND. I. AM. TIRED. Usually, when I crank out these posts, it flows from my heart and mind and doesn’t take long. Because I don’t have to box myself to stick to the subject, it is easier. Now, I have a writing assignment due in 12 hours and I am just tapped out. Yes, this could have been time used toward that writing. As I stated, one flows easier than the other. I guess I will go to bed for now and then wake up extra early to handle the task. Maybe the answer will come to me as well. This is one of those times that if I had an assistant, the task would be outsourced. Oh well, let’s see what happens…

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