The Virgo In Me

Hmm, what will this post be about? 🤔

Let me start with saying why I even thought about this particular subject. Complaining. I found myself complaining and asking why would someone do that when it serves no purpose. Why do some people complain more than others? And why is complaining so contagious? My complaining started after listening to someone else complain… so, of course, the works starts with Self. This brought me to the Virgo statements that are commonly mentioned (saw them all today, AGAIN) and how many are dead on point, from my perspective😉 and others just miss the mark.

No, I don’t think all traits apply to someone and box them in as a person. Yes, we know you have layers.

Statement 1: “Being poor and unstable are exactly what a Virgo wants to avoid.”

You Got… You’re Right About That One!!! These two shadows keep tapping me on the shoulder trying to trick me to wander down their path. Listen, I’ve been working my hardest to avoid instability and being poor. Yes, internal wealth is wonderful Externally, I want to be in a better place. I won’t say poor… just slow climbing when I should have been provided more for my efforts. Now, reread Statement 1 again. Now say: Don’t we all want to avoid this.

Statement 2: “Virgos analyze everything.”

Well… annoying as it is, it comes naturally. There are times when I’d like to turn this feature off or uncheck some boxes of what makes me tick. It has also proven to be very beneficial to me as well. By analyzing things, I can approach things from a different path. This also cracks me up because this can be an annoyance to me as well when others do it, as everything doesn’t have to be analyzed AND then made into a big moment. Tap out. Tap out.

Statement 3: “Virgos are stubborn.”

Hmm, it depends on the situation. I can be rather unyielding on a viewpoint when I feel someone else is coming from a closed-mind. As a fairly open minded and understanding person, I’m triggered into being stubborn also when I am tired of yielding to the opinions of others. There should be a balance or an ability to agree to disagree. This may sound like a contradiction or maybe it’s stubbornness talking but it’s not. Analyze it a bit. 😉

There are so many, many more that come up such as creative, loving, hard-working, critical, overthinking, nagging, and etc. You can meet them all if the conditions are right. Loving usually proceeds them all. It’s the love that I have for others and myself, even after they have shown me pain. Love is powerful. I honor and value it. It’s something I can have with me at all times and share with others in ways that are accepted. Love is motivation. Love is…. Guess what? I love you.

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