Not Just A Smile

Yesterday, I hope that you found the time to smile. You deserved to, as you’ve been navigating heavy moments.

Yesterday was a celebration. A time for you to smile and indulge in the accomplishments of so many people sharing love, support, encouragement, and investing into one another. If you didn’t smile, you can be sure that I smiled enough for the both of us.

No yesterday wasn’t a remedy. There will be more reasons for tears, for fears, and for desires of change. It is my hope that there is a decrease in numbers of the many situations that can be prevented. It is my hope that hearts swell with joy, rather than an anchored memory of sadness and frustration.

Yes, I hope you smiled. Let me take it a step further.. I hope you’re smiling as you read this and it makes whatever you’re feeling blossom into a ray of sunshine.

There are times when it’s hard to be vulnerable, hard to express, and hard to connect to others. I see you in the midst of it all. The things unsaid, I feel it. The thoughts only you know are on cycle in your mind. They’ve come to me in dreams. You desire to breathe but at times you don’t know how.

Here place your hand on my chest. Breathe in as I breathe in. Release in pace to my own. Stand silent. Your presence is enough. Know that you are never alone.

Take a moment to smile.

6 thoughts on “Not Just A Smile

    1. Thank you. It was a busy day for me but I found so much joy in the giving, sharing of beauty, and support. It was a welcomed change. Celebration indeed. Hope your day was a blessing too.

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