Notes before sleep

This week is about learning and commitment.

Learning. No matter what form that learning may show up, may the wisdom be gathered from it. If my mind remains open with expectation of learning something new, the week will go smoother in many regards.

Another way to make things flow is to keep my commitment to myself of not taking on the burden of another as they deal with the choices THEY have made. The choices of others don’t have to be our situation to manage. Even when it’s uncomfortable for them at times, I can’t always be the solution. I can’t be the ear that hears the continuous complaints. I can’t be the failure behind their expectations because the burden was never mine to carry. And I definitely can’t be the entertainment for the boredom of another.

Why? It’s draining. My heart and time helps others A Lot. This often takes the limited time that I have from what I’m trying to gain growth in. Then, I’m often frustrated because I’m forced to give in an area, when sometimes I don’t want to focus on anything but What I Choose To Focus On. This week, I’m not having the extra discomfort.

What’s the best way for this to occur? By using the word, No. Also, clear communication. Enough said.

Anyway, cheers to a great upcoming week. I’m grateful for all that I’ve been blessed with, able to do, and the memories made. I’m grateful.

Bonus: Better eating and hydration. More posts to clear my head. Smiles and Improved memory.

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